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East Valley Community Health Center employs an all-encompassing behavioral health staff that provide an array of services to improve the quality of life for each patient and their families.  We offer integrated mental health services ensuring our patient’s mental health and medical needs are met. Individualized treatment plans are designed to identify each client’s specific needs. 

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Behavioral Health Services
  • Individual therapy for adults and children.
  • Couple's Therapy
  • Court Mandated Cases
  • Case Management Services
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Linkages to Community Resources
  • Prenatal Support Groups
  • Grief/Loss Groups
  • Anxiety/Depression Groups
Please call 626 919-5724 ext. 3106 to make an appointment with highly qualified staff or request an appointment online.   
Medication Assisted Therapy
Real Recovery is a Lifestyle Change.
The MAT Program is a rehabilitation option that refers to the use of FDA-approved medications to help relieve drug and/or opioid use disorders.
This program has been proven to help individuals modify their behavior and encourage lifestyle changes for long-term success. 

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Patient Resources
+ Referrals
East Valley Community Health Center
is dedicated to ensuring our client’s mental health needs are met. 
Clients are provided with appropriate resources and referrals. 

Clients who have been assessed to be chronically

and severely mentally ill are referred to local county agencies for specialty mental health services.  

East Valley also provides information and referrals to food, housing, job training services, and other

community resources to ensure patients’ needs are met.