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East Valley Community Health Center employs a multidisciplinary behavioral health staff that provide an array of services to improve the quality of life for each patient and their families.


We offer integrated mental health services ensuring our patient’s mental health and medical needs are met. Our behavioral health staff provides unique treatment plans to serve each client or family’s specific needs, including individual therapy for children or adults, couples' therapy, prenatal support groups, anxiety/depression support groups, and referrals and other resources.  

Please call us to make an appointment. 
(626) 919-4333 ext. 2337 or ext. 3548

Behavioral Health Services

Assessments + Diagnosis 

Patients are screened prior to being scheduled for an initial intake to determine if they
are appropriate for behavioral health services at East Valley.  Patients who have chronic
and severe mental illness or who are active substance users are referred to appropriate agencies and or programs. The behavioral health staff utilizes screening tools such as
the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7 to measure depression and anxiety. They also use the
AUDIT C and the CAGE to measure alcohol and drug use. 


Individual Therapy 

We are dedicated to helping patients obtain support through difficult transitions and challenges in life. We provide brief interventions and offer short term treatment (6-8 individual therapy sessions) for adults and children aged five and over.


Couples Therapy 

We provide brief couples therapy for issues related to marital discord, communications problems, pending divorce, and difficult family dynamics.  


Anxiety + Depression Support Groups

Led by an LCSW, we facilitate open-ended anxiety and depression support groups. Current support groups include a women’s Spanish-speaking support group, a
men’s Spanish-speaking support group, and a co-ed English speaking support group. 

Groups meet once per week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment, MAT

We provide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for patients struggling with alcohol,
and opioid dependency. Call (626)919-4333 ext. 2337 or 909-802-0141 to learn more.

Patient Resources
+ Referrals
East Valley Community Health Center
is dedicated to ensuring our client’s mental health needs are met. 
Clients are provided with appropriate resources and referrals. 

Clients who have been assessed to be chronically

and severely mentally ill are referred to local
county a
gencies for specialty mental health services.  Patients who are assessed to have alcohol and or drug addictions are referred to local substance abuse programs.  Patients who are referred are assisted with bus tokens and/or taxi vouchers for those in need.  East Valley also provides information and referrals to food, housing, job training services, and other community resources to ensure patients' needs.

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