East Valley

East Valley and all health centers in California

are committed to providing healthcare
to everyone,
that is our mission!



Since 1970, East Valley
Community Health Center has
been meeting the healthcare
needs of the most vulnerable communities within the
East San Gabriel Valley. 


Thanks to our work, people are healthier; thus, our communities are healthier. Parents can go to work, children don’t miss school, and we provide good jobs to hundreds of healthcare worker. Services at East Valley include primary medical care, mental health, oral health, pharmacy, health education, nutrition, care coordination healthcare enrollment, all services delivered under one roof at each of our clinic sites.


Similarly, all California’s Community Health Centers have sought and realized innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of our patients. Program by program, we have built a system of care that ensures access to affordable, high quality care for every person we see. A system that makes us proud.

East Valley and all health centers in California are committed to providing healthcare to everyone, that
is our mission! But, we don’t feel it is in the best interest of California to return to our not so distant past where people were forced to make impossible decisions like whether to pay for food, shelter, or medication. Sick people will remain sick. People in pain will remain in pain. Emergency rooms will be flooded. People with chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes will not get the regular care
they need, and will suffer catastrophic consequences.

We are extremely thankful to our state’s elected leaders who have boldly proclaimed that they will
stand up for the progress of California and on behalf of our patients, we ask them to stay the course.

We are also thankful for our partners in Congress, who have visited our health centers, met our patients, and recognized our track record of providing high quality, cost effective care to our most vulnerable communities. Because of these strong relationships, we are hopeful that the health of our patients will be at the front and center of upcoming policy discussions and will help protect the
safety-net health centers have built over the past fifty years.

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