Meet Our Providers
Our providers work as a team
to manage your health.
MD - Medical Doctors
Not Pictured
Chinhnam Hathuc, DO
Chief Medical Officer
Asheesh Pasi, MD
Benedicta Omoko, MD
Chaonan Ding, MD
Li Wong, MD
Ignacio DeArtola, MD
James Pearson, MD
Vivian Buhler, MD-WC
 Mitali Mitra, MD
 Feroz Iqbal, MD
PA-C - Physician Assistants - Certified
Elaine Juanico, PA-C
Ken Oyadomari, PA-C
Omar Waziri, PA-C
Melissa Real, PA-C
Marc Darpel, PA-C
Sarah Burton, PA-C
Nichole Dang, PA-C
Benito Contreras, PA-C
Mary Grace Santos, PA-C
Sean Flynn, PA-C
Nan Jiang, PA-C
Gina Liang, PA-C
Arvin Anabo, PA-C
PA - Physician Assistants
Ann Du, PA
NP - Nurse Practitioners
Christy Tan, NP
Evelyn Chui, NP
Julie Alcid, NP
Julia Pazos, NP
Wei Li, NP
Rebecca Ogombo, MD
Behavioral Health
Dental Providers
Allison Sung, DDS
Phong Lu, DDS
Hira Alam, DMD
Mindy Chen, DDS
Min Jo, DDS
Anahita Taraporewalla, DDS
Marlene Cervantes-Munguia, RDH
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