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Victory! The Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule is Permanently Blocked, Nationwide.

How does this effect your health care?

What is "Public Charge?"

People who apply for a green card or a visa to enter the United States must pass a "public charge" test. This test checks if the person is likely to use certain government services in the future.

Immigration officials review all of a person's circumstances, including their age, income, health, education, and more. They will also see if a person used public programs. Using government publics could cause a person to be denied a green card or visa. 

What does this mean if I am a patient at East Valley?

It is safe for immigrants and their families to use health, nutrition, and housing programs. This will NOT effect your immigration status or cause harm to being accepted for a Visa or Green Card. 

It's safe and smart to see your doctor if you need care. Your doctor is required to honor your privacy rights. You DO NOT need to share any information about your immigration status unless you apply for Medicaid or other health coverage. 

You may see a doctor without medical insurance. This includes care you revieve in the emergency room, at community and migrant health centers, free clinics, and public hospitals.

Getting tested, treatment, and preventative services for COVID-19 - including the COVID-19 vaccines - are not part of public charge. Stimulus checks are not part of public charge.

If I use public health programs, will this be considered in the public charge test?

The use of health, nutrition, and housing programs cannot be considered in the public charge test.

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